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Establishing a commercial orchard is substantial investment that requires putting many different sets of resources together. From building your investment strategy to implementing it, from finding your perfect land to preparing it for plantation, from designing your irrigation system to determining your harvesting model;  a successful orchard is built by many expensive strategic decisions that must all work in alignment. Starting out with the perfect trees is the most important one as they will be tre stars of your orchard producing you the high quality yield that you expect to get.


With over 350,000 plants produced and shipped annually, Fruits of Life is the leading supplier of high-quality plants for many of the successful orchards in Europe.  Our specialty is our technical expertise in growing strong trees with immense root systems that will adapt to your orchard in their first leaf.  Whether you are a seasoned grower or a newcomer to planting walnut, the healthy root system of our plants help them tolerate any challenges you may have in their first season, promote a strong growth and minimizes need for replanting in the following seasons.

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