Walnut plant root system

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Attention to details


It is not rocket science...  But is all about attention to many small details, and quite a few of them...

As a grower with multiple plantations in three countries, we know the importance of attention to details, that make all the difference in the world establishing a commercial orchard. 

That is why all of our trees are inspected one by one. Their root systems are checked for the smallest damages, breakages that might have occurred during removal from soil. Each root system is trimmed by our experienced team and dipped into fungicide and so you do not have to do these operations at the time of plantation. In fact, many of our clients have repeatedly told us that one of the reasons that they prefer to buy our plants throughout the years is that, they can be planted faster and with and with less operational costs. Our pruning pieces of equipment are sterilized periodically several times a day. 



Whether it is a seedling or a clonal one, from rootstock production to grafting, our trees are grown under an extensive in-line quality assurance process. We know that our clients rely on us in delivering them the varieties that they ordered and a replacement tree cannot compensate them for a tree with wrong variety identified after years of effort. We ensure Variety Reliability, by not relying on external sources of grafting stakes, but by using our own. 

Our nursery parcels are tested each year and rotated every three years to prevent the formation of nematodes. Our trees are tested regularly both by official and by most reputable private laboratories according to the most vigorous Phytosanitary Requirements.


All images copyrighted © property of Fruits of Life, Life.

All images copyrighted © property of Fruits of Life, Life. Cannot be copied or used without prior permission.

Freshness is the key:

We believe that planting walnut trees in full dormancy will give the best results. Plants removed from soil, transported and planted in winter months are more resilient to the effects of this traumatic process. Roots of plants that grow in nursery plots rather than in pots can explore the soil more easily, grow stronger and form a much more uniform structure, as opposed to the potted trees that where roots tangled in the limited space they are confined to. 

Prior to shipment, roots of our trees are wrapped in a special protective fabric,  tree bundles are placed in heated treated pallets that are shrink wrapped. Our trees are bundled together in single variety bunches of ten. Each bunch carries a color coded label that identifies the rootstock and the variety. From our nursery to the clients' orchards, all of our trees are transported in climate controlled trucks, under ideal temperature and humidity levels. All these efforts are made to ensure we deliver our trees in utmost freshness that are ready to be planted. These climatic conditions are observed and recorded during the transportation by electronic data loggers in our containers. When it comes to ensuring quality and tree freshness, we do not take any shortcuts of make compromises. After all, all the investments our growers have made prior to the plantation deserve nothing less than perfect plants.

All images copyrighted © property of Fruits of Life, Life.

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